What is Red Poppy
I always love red poppies. Many people like daisies that can be easily found and purchased in street corners. However, red poppies die as soon as you collect them and therefore they are not subjected to money relations. Red poppy is the symbol of freedom.

Lets talk about the story how I decided to relieve the red poppy syrup in AdaCafe. I had remembered the days in my childhood when I collected red poppies with my mother and sister and helped to prepare syrup. When the preparation of syrup was done we were waiting to mature for a while. If you ask how long have we been waiting for drinking syrup, I don't remember. Then, when ready, the whole family were drinking syrup and offering our visitors at home. I still remember those good times and the delicious taste of red poppy syrup.
To make the
red poppy syrup, which is a traditional turkish beverage like boza and koruk, again popular we decided to prepare and serve it at Ada Cafe. The formula was given by my mother and after several experiments which lasts 2 - 3 years, (you can collect red poppies only 3 weeks in a year ), we succeded to reach the taste of my childhood. It is pure natural and has no artificial ingridients. With our increasing interest in red poppy we have collected many information which we want to share with you.

Unfortunately, many people living in big cities who visit Ada Cafe do not have any information about red poppies and it takes long time to explain what a red poppy is.They are willing to try the
red poppy syrup but they never seen, so they hesitate to drink it.  Now I have to give some information, otherwise we will not able to raise our red poppy syrup sells !!

Red poppy is an annual plant with 25 to 60 cm height,  and growing in fields. Bozcaada has also a rich red poppy fields. Its petals are reach in scarlet color and black part at the base. The used parts of red poppy are mainly the red petals. In some places the seeds are used in bakery, green parts as vegetable (We cook  green parts with olive oil at AdaCafe). When it is fresh it has odour of opium. Red poppy is very slightly narcotic.

The fresh petals are used to prepare the syrup. But the hint is not to use the black parts at the base, near the capsule since this part contains an alcaloid called

The most difficult part of praparing the syrup is to cut off  the black part of the flowers. A person can process only 250 g of usable material in a day.

Recent researchs indicate the flavonoids role as contributors in the reduction of risk of several chronic diseases. Flavonoids are plant polyphenols and the red poppy petals have two of them: cyanidin-B and pelargonidin-C. Cyanidin is the same flavonıid found in red wine which recent studies show the preventive effect against cancer and heart diseases..
What is Red Poppy ?
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History of Red Poppy
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